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Only those attorneys specifically listed in this web site as board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization have this certification. The principal offices of the Law Offices of Robert T. Stites, P.C., 933 West Weatherford Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102, Telephone: 817-336-7577, Facsimile: 817-336-7583.


The content of this web site has been written or gathered by the Law Offices of Robert T. Stites, P.C., and its representatives, for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be and is not considered to be legal advice, nor as proposing any type of transaction. Legal advice of any nature should be sought from legal counsel. No communication between you and Law Offices of Robert T. Stites, P.C., via this web site should be interpreted as establishing an attorney/client relationship.



Do not use e-mail to send any privileged or confidential information. Internet messages can be intercepted. Further, we cannot maintain the confidentiality of information received outside of an attorney/client relationship. Confidential information about your question or problem may be communicated at a later time after an attorney/client relationship has been established. In order to preserve and safeguard relationships with our current and former clients, the Law Offices of Robert T. Stites, P.C., must observe certain formalities before agreeing to represent anyone in a particular matter.


Our duties to existing and former clients require us, before assuming any new matters, to determine whether or not we may represent or advise you in light of any actual or potential conflicts with our existing or former clients or duties that the firm may owe. Until those prerequisites are completed, you should not consider any communication with us by letter, facsimile transmission, telephone, Internet, e-mail or otherwise as privileged or confidential.

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